Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and

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cheap nba Jerseys china The best possibility for success is in following protocol, and more so away from the game than in it.Teams can control what goes on in their buildings, but they have to trust players and other personnel to do the right thing on their own time, which is why the return to play agreement between the NFL Players Association and the league included fines or suspensions for high risk activity. Either way, the upshot is the same: Take the protocols seriously.Can Rob Manfred find a way to keep MLB free from the virus?Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal Constitution via AP”I hope people look at what happened to us and they use that as a warning, just see how quickly this is able to spread between a particular group if you’re not following protocols 100 percent,” he said. “You can’t let your guard down whatsoever. cheap nba Jerseys china

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